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Hey There!

We’re Veroot CTPAT.

1) The Supply Chain industry’s leading provider of full-service CTPAT compliance solutions including certification, renewal, process consulting, and CTPAT management software.

2) A team of CTPAT experts who’ve been dedicated to making trade compliance less complicated since 2010.


Veroot is made up of a team of CTPAT supply chain compliance experts including certification consultants, dedicated client service managers, software developers, and trainers. Our company was founded in 2010 in Cleveland, OH and has since expanded to include offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Ontario, Canada.

Veroot has spent the last decade building a reputation as the leading software and consulting service in the industry. Though we started in TSA compliance, today Veroot has divisions that handle just about every type of logistics and supply chain governance including CTPAT, FCPA, FMCSA, etc.

Our CTPAT team was born when a few of our major TSA compliance clients came to us asking for a better way to manage their CTPAT programs. Right then and there, Veroot got to work building the most comprehensive, efficient, easy-to-use CTPAT software on the market. Then word got out that the CBP was set to overhaul the CTPAT program. Major changes were on the horizon for the way CTPAT certification, annual renewals, and mandatory membership maintenance would be evaluated – making each category far more expansive and complex. Once again Veroot got to work, this time building a team of the best CTPAT consultants in the business to focus on helping companies navigate the new CTPAT requirements.


Our consulting and software automation tools streamline the time-consuming data gathering, analysis, and maintenance that is associated with CTPAT compliance. Veroot is the #1 CTPAT certification and CTPAT software service for supply chain compliance, and we’ve got the hardware to show for it with seven consecutive AFA Vendor of the Year awards!

Veroot CTPAT Automation software centralizes all CTPAT Compliance, CTPAT Security Questionnaires, Management Reviews, and provides a real-time dashboard with the exact updates you need to handle business partners and CBP audits.

Veroot’s Consulting division is made up of industry experts with backgrounds in CTPAT, TSA, FMCSA, and IATA regulations. This multi-discipline approach allows us to quickly understand how to help companies get over the hump when it comes to CTPAT challenges.

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