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2023 CTPAT Trade Summit Cliff Notes from Veroot

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Veroot has compiled an exclusive report on the 2023 CTPAT Trade Summit – reading it will almost be like being there!

So the Team Went to Boston…

Veroot sent an all-star team of consultants and regulatory experts to the 2023 CTPAT Summit. With over 20 breakout sessions and 25 Exhibitors across 3 action-packed days – there was a lot to cover. It was a tall task, but we wanted to provide you with a best in class review of what transpired!

Key points included the new focus on Forced Labor, ACE 2.0, What to Expect on Validations, Cybersecurity, new MRA’s, Global Business Identifier, etc.

New to Veroot?

Whether your a Fortune 500 or a small business, Veroot can help with your CTPAT program with consulting or ground-breaking automation software.

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