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Adapting to a New Air Freight Industry with CTPAT

adapting to a new air freight industry

In the air freight industry, adhering to compliance regulations is critical for success. But as consumer behavior shifts, an unmapped business landscape continues to reveal itself, and “the new normal” is yet to be defined. As a result, forwarders face the challenge of adapting to a world where the new rules of engagement are being written in real-time.

One of the largest hurdles currently facing many organizations is CTPAT certification. Due to new MSC requirements implemented by the CBP, membership renewal underwent major changes, including the introduction of more stringent participation criteria and a more extensive application for both prospective and existing CTPAT participants. Ultimately, the process was transformed into a labor-intensive undertaking with a decidedly steep learning curve virtually overnight.

In response, the industry is undergoing a noticeable strategic shift in approach to CTPAT management. Where the sole concern was once increasing task efficiency on a tedious to-do list, this MSC requirement shakeup prompted companies to explore more holistic compliance solutions, driving an increase in demand for expert guidance and human-centric partnerships – in addition to automation tools – to more effectively address the individual challenges presenting themselves to organizations and ultimately identify sustainable solutions designed to fit each company’s unique compliance needs.

To support this newly emerging demand, consultative service offerings continue to emerge as a way to help freight industry members navigate uncharted compliance territory.

This includes Veroot CTPAT Consulting Services, which focus on shedding light on new regulations and providing partnership and guidance to organizations throughout the entire application process. The recently launched offering functions as both a standalone service and a companion solution to Veroot’s existing CTPAT Management Automation software, built to streamline and automate time-consuming daily tasks associated with CTPAT Compliance maintenance.

With services and solutions like those provided by Veroot organizations can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to first-time CTPAT registration, CTPAT renewals, and ongoing management of a truly more secure supply chain.

For more information on how Veroot can help find the right solution for your CTPAT compliance needs, visit or call (440) 879-8370