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CTPAT Training, Uncomplicated.

CTPAT Training is a key factor in maintaining CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria compliance. Whether you need video training, SOPs, or guidance on how to get your internal team and business partners up to speed on the CTPAT program, Veroot has training solutions to help.

CTPAT 7-8 Point Inspection Video Preview

Veroot CTPAT Training

Under new MSC guidelines, CTPAT Training has become one of the most important aspects of building a compliant CTPAT program.

Whether you are searching for an easier way to conduct Annual Security Awareness Training for employees, need a better tool to document business partner education, want instructional videos to support your 7/8 Point Inspection protocol (along with countless other SOPs), or would benefit from custom CTPAT education with a qualified instructor, Veroot has a solution.

Other Engaging Trainings from Veroot Include Annual
Security Awareness Training For Employees and Contractors

Screenshot from Veroot Annual Trainings

All MSC’s Covered!
Warehouse Security

Let the Veroot CTPAT Training team work for you.

Veroot’s Training is updated regularly with new MSC points of emphasis to save you countless hours and effort versus building your own.


  • Video training that really works.
  • Send, track, and manage all training and SOPs from a single dashboard.
  • Administer annually-required training ( with a single click.
  • Auto-grade evaluations.
  • Instantly pull quiz reports for any segment of your CTPAT program.
  • Prove distribution of required training materials during audits.
  • Expand your teams comprehension of new CTPAT compliance protocol.
  • Become an effective CTPAT leader for your organization.


CTPAT Security Awareness Training for employees is a critical part of maintaining CTPAT membership in good standing. If you are struggling with where to start or how to document proof of successful internal education, Veroot’s CTPAT Employee Training portal can help. Enjoy ready-made training documents branded for your company, send SCSS-approved CTPAT Security Awareness tests and track completion progress, and automatically grade exams all from a single platform.


Keeping business partners and vendors educated and compliant with your CTPAT standard operating procedures is another key factor to passing annual CTPAT renewal audits. From CTPAT SOP distribution to business partner compliance evaluations, Veroot’s CTPAT Vendor Management tools help you automate automate education and centralize documentation for your entire supply chain.